Windsor Woods is perfect deer and turkey country. Our many ridge tops and hollers offer food and cover for many species of wildlife.

Hunting is for the purist. Though we do food plots and bait during the off-season, there is nothing stupid about our deer after the first high power rifle is fired.

We have more than a dozen tree stands, six shooting houses and numerous man made trails in the woods.

Fourteen years ago Windsor Woods was only a dream. Today, two men have turned dreams into reality.

It is a thousand acres begging to be hunted.

Windsor Woods is environmentally friendly. We heat with renewable resources, wood! There is a blend of the old and the new. Individual bedrooms have oil based electric heaters for your comfort. Recycling is a must! Tin, plastic, glass, and aluminum escape the garbage and are used once again in our polluted world.

We have nicknamed our baby, “The Garden of Eden.” The county extension office has toured us and we are members of the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. Our staff is low keyed and friendly. We have time for people just like times past.

Our hunting experience is phenomenal! The owner has harvested over 300 deer in several states and even makes an occasional movie.

Y’all come see us. We’ll treat you like long lost cousins!

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